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My Story

Hi! I'm Matt, a Mechanical Engineer by trade of 24 years, and the time has come for me to also do something for myself. I have enjoyed riding mountain bikes for years and so I have used the skills I've developed over the years as an engineer to become a Bike Mechanic.

About Us: About Us


IMI Level 3 Certificate in Cycle Maintenance (VRQ)


Maintain & Repair Cycle Hydraulic Brake Systems

Principles of Cycle Frame Alignment & Cycle Frame Geometrics

Maintain & Repair Cycle Suspension Systems

Carry Out Routine Maintenance On A Cycle

Maintain and Repair Cycle Complex Wheels

Identifying & Agreeing Customer Requirements

Identify and Replace Cycle Advanced Headsets & Bearings

Cycle Wheel Building

Refurbish Cycle Bottom Brackets & Cranks

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